The Keratin Shop’s mission and focus is taming curly, unruly hair and restoring damaged hair to make you look your best.

Owned by Angela Grande, a Keratin expert and one of the first stylists in San Diego to begin using the Brazilian Keratin Treatment, The Keratin Shop was created to allow clientele to experience this amazing product.

Keratin has changed the beauty industry. A smoothing treatment that contains natural keratin protein, it tames curl, and makes damaged, unmanageable hair shiny, youthful and beautiful looking once again. The results are extraordinary.

Each treatment at The Keratin Shop is customized for a client’s individual needs, restoring and rebuilding your hair and your self-confidence.

The Keratin Shop is also one of the few salons in San Diego with an Aerovex Chemical Source Capture System, which removes the harmful chemicals released during the Keratin hair smoothing process.

In addition to keratin treatments, The Keratin Shop specializes in flawless extensions, another way to change your image, particularly for those with thinning hair. All extensions used by The Keratin Shop are custom, hand-sewn extensions and can be perfectly matched to your hair color.

A full service salon, The Keratin Shop also offers the latest haircuts, colors and styles. The salon uses several different product lines to accommodate client’s hair needs and preferences including Keratin Complex and Global Keratin.

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