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Brazilian keratin Treatment is an intense treatment that softens, smoothens, and most important gives you straighter hair.

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A fresh, new hair color always feels good! Opt for the natural look of all-over highlights, balayage or spice it up by working in some bold hues. We can help pick a style perfectly tailored to both your personality and your natural coloring.



Wefted Hair Extensions are simply a curtain of hair used to layer in to your own hair to add color, length and or volume. When doing both a keratin treatment and extensions you're getting silky, manageable hair that you always wanted. Blow drys and blends together naturally.


Keratin is a life changer for your hair. Especially if it is frizzy and dry like mine. It leaves your hair smooth, shiny and silky. And, your hair dries in half the time. I look forward to many appointments, amazing outcomes and beautiful hair thanks to The Keratin Shop.

Sarah B.

Very very very happy and relieved. I had destroyed my long hair over the last two years dying it and hair ironing and curling it... My hair was fried. So thankful my friend recommended The Keratin Shop. After the treatment, my hair now air drys in half an hour, I'm able to brush it after showering, and it is soft again.

Jackie W.

I love this place! I have been a regular Keratin customer over seven years now. I've had my fare share of experiences at salons with it. This place is by far the best.

Megan S.

I love the open air concept, that not many other salons offer! It's well ventilated so you're not sitting with the fumes. The girls are friendly and personable, but always maintain professionalism and are prompt with all my request and questions. The keratin treatment changed my life, my hair has never been so smooth and shiny!!

Michelle K.

This shop totally exceeded expectations!
My hair has never been so sleek and manageable.

Alexandra R.
It’s the only treatment that can restore damaged hair, tame curl, and make hair youthful, shiny and more manageable again.



The Keratin Shop’s mission and focus is taming curly, unruly hair and restoring damaged hair to make you look your best. Owned by Angela Grande, a Keratin expert and one of the first stylists in San Diego to begin using the Brazilian Keratin Treatment, The Keratin Shop was created to allow clientele to experience this amazing product.

Keratin has changed the beauty industry. A smoothing treatment that contains natural keratin protein, it tames curl, and makes damaged, unmanageable hair shiny, youthful and beautiful looking once again. The results are extraordinary.

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Angela Grande has years of industry experience that includes training stylists, serving as a mentor, developing her own line of products and teaching classes about keratin treatments. She began her career as an educator in 2007, certifying stylists in San Diego and leading classes about keratin treatments, eventually becoming a Master educator for Global Keratin.

Angela created her own line of keratin products, HED, available at her salon, The Keratin Shop.


LeeAnne’s career includes working in Las Vegas as a stylist before coming to San Diego seven years ago. She specializes in Keratin treatments, the popular hair smoothing process. LeeAnn particularly enjoys helping clients who want to improve the appearance of their hair.

She enjoys having an honest open relationship with clients, getting to know them and helping them feel better about how they look.


Kaley has been styling hair since she was in high school. An artistic person, she specializes in balayage, a process that results in more sun-kissed, natural looking color then applying highlights. She also enjoys special occasion styling, another opportunity for her to be creative while developing a look that makes client’s happy. Kaley’s goal with each client is to maintain healthy shiny hair and she is passionate about making her clients feel good about their appearance.

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