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It’s the only treatment that can restore damaged hair, tame curl, and make hair youthful, shiny and more manageable again.


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Located in the heart of North Park, The Keratin Shop is fully open air thanks to two retractable glass doors on the front of the building. Not only does this unique design minimize any potential side effects associated with Keratin treatments, it also creates a dynamic space that blends the vibrant energy of the surrounding North Park neighborhood with the stylish, upbeat atmosphere of our salon.

The Keratin Shop is a U-1st Certified Salon featuring the Aerovex Three Zone Protection System. This air filtration system was specifically designed for use with formaldehyde and related chemicals in hair treatments. The Aerovex system is backed by all founding members of the Professional Keratin Smoothing Council, and distributed by several treatment manufacturers. Angela and all of The Keratin Shop staff have been properly trained in the use of this product to keep the salon environment safe.


If your hair is unruly, frizzy, or overly curly, then the Brazilian Keratin Treatment is the treatment for you!! Keratin is a revolutionary treatment that soften and smoothes hair. 

The more you receive the treatment, the healthier and more manageable the hair becomes. It will require less blow drying time, and flat iron results will be excellent in just minutes.

Keratin is the main protective substance in our hair, skin and nails. The smaller keratin molecules penetrate the hair cortex improving and repairing the quality of the hair from the inside. The added strength, elasticity and moisture result in the smooth, soft, shiny and straightened effect. The larger molecules coat the hair cuticle and take the environmental insults such as UV rays, smog, and smoke for your hair on the outside. Further damage to the hair shaft is prevented.

You can expect up to 3-4 solid months of beautiful smooth hair.

Because this is not a permanent treatment, as the keratin-based solution diminishes over time, your hair will return to its natural form. The hair, however, will stay soft, shiny and healthy looking.

It’s recommended for all types of hair: virgin, colored, highlighted, previously straightened, kinky, curly, and wavy hair. Brazilian Keratin treatment actually works best with damaged hair—in fact, the more damaged the hair, the longer it lasts! 


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