The Keratin Shop features the Aerovex Air Filtration System

The Keratin Shop features Aerovex System for your Health

The Keratin Shop is excited to announce its new, custom-designed, state-of-the-art location. As an expert in Keratin treatments, salon owner Angela Grande has taken the bold move of creating a Keratin treatment space unlike any other currently existing in San Diego.

Located in the heart of North Park, the new salon is fully open air thanks to two retractable glass doors on the front of the building. Not only does this unique design minimize any potential side effects associated with Keratin treatments, it also creates a dynamic space that blends the vibrant energy of the surrounding North Park neighborhood with the stylish, upbeat atmosphere of our salon.

And because The Keratin Shop cares about your health, we have implemented even more precautions in the design of this new space.

The Keratin Shop is a U-1st Certified Salon featuring the Aerovex Three Zone Protection System. This air filtration system was specifically designed for use with formaldehyde and related chemicals in hair treatments. The Aerovex system is backed by all founding members of the Professional Keratin Smoothing Council, and distributed by several treatment manufacturers. Angela and all of The Keratin Shop staff have been properly trained in the use of this product to keep the salon environment safe.

Why don’t more salons have systems like this?

While we can’t fathom why other salons haven’t taken these easy measures to protect both their staff and clients, many salons may just not have done their research about the options available to them. Almost all smoothing and keratin treatment companies warn about their products in their Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) that these products need to be used in a “well ventilated area”, but The Keratin Shop doesn’t believe that opening a window, using a fan or just an air purifier is enough. Fans just move the air around and purifiers are usually not meant for commercial type setups. Even though our concern is the beautiful hair creations we create for our customers, safety comes first!

The Keratin Shop wants to provide the safest and most comfortable environment while offering these very popular services.